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Scenario Enhancement Pack

What is the scenario enhancement pack?

The scenario enhancement pack is a selection of specifically created objects that are included in a scenario, these are often referred to as "Scenario Specific Scenery". This enables you to make a scenario completely different to one that has gone before.

What does Version 1 include?

Version 1 is geared specifically towards the default Oxford to Paddington route and includes various assets specific to that route such as landmarks and certain station enhancements, particularly at Appleford, Radley and Culham. The pack also includes the implementation of additional safety signage along the entire route as well as the addition of station clutter such as modern phoneboxes, help points and vending machines. Version 1 also includes ambient station sounds at both Paddington and Reading.

How do I know which scenarios are compatible?

At the launch of the pack, one scenario has been released which utilises these enhancements and is listed beneath the image further down this page. Any further scenarios that utilise the enhancement packs will be added to this list in due course. Further to this, any scenario that has the pack implemented will be denoted by an [SSC] suffix, for example [DPS] Operation Princess [SSC]. Scenarios released on this website will also specifically state that they have been created with pack compatibility.

Can they be included in older scenarios or my own scenarios?

On the default Oxford to Paddington route, yes. Basic instructions are given in the readme file included in the pack, but some basic knowledge of the Railworks folder structure and how to locate other scenarios within this structure is required.

Will the pack be added to in the future?

This will all depend on feedback and usage of the initial pack to see how it is received and whether further versions are of interest to the community. The original concept of the pack is that it can evolve, not only for the Oxford to Paddington route but for other routes as well, both default and DLC. The latter is even more relevant because many will know that modifications to DLC routes available on Steam will be overwritten by any updates or verification of cache. These packs are not touched by any of these processes meaning that they can be added to without fear of updates.

What limitations exist with this type of pack?

Because the packs do not modify anything within a route and are specific to scenarios only, you are limited by the placement of objects that already exist on the route in its original state. This means that anything built for the pack to replace what is already on the route needs to be bigger in order to mask or hide the object. Any objects such as additional signage are not affected by this. However, these packs are not designed to work with any third party versions of the routes involved and are only intended for use on the routes as they are released by the vendor.


Download Here:    DPSSEP V1
Alternative Link:   DPSSEP V1

Current Compatible Scenarios

[DPS] Operation Princess [SSC]          -  Oxford to Paddington (Default)   

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