Hull Trains secures additional High Speed Train

Image showing an on loan HST at Hull Paragon

15th April 2019

Hull Trains have announced that they have secured the loan of an additional Intercity 125 High Speed Train (HST) from Great Western Railway (GWR). This additional train will help improve the reliability and resilience of the Hull Trains timetable and allow further work to be done on the fleet of Class 180's over their remaining months in service. The Class 180 fleet is expected to start being withdrawn from service in November 2019.

With one HST already secured in January and in service from Thursday through to Sunday, the additional HST will run on the other days of the week - Monday to Thursday - meaning that Hull Trains will have additional resources readily available should there be an issue with any of their fleet.

Hull Trains operate 92 services per week and need three of their four trains to fulfil the complete timetable, the 'spare' train is always scheduled into a rolling maintenance programme. If a fault occured on one service it would then mean a possible change to the operating schedule and therefore have an impact on passengers. This isn't normally a problem but recent reliability issues on multiple trains have meant that performance has been poor and Hull Trains have had to look further afield for additional rolling stock.

Louise Cheeseman, Managing Director for Hull Trains, said:

“Bringing the first HST into service has been extremely beneficial for Hull Trains and its customers – we have already seen more reliability and punctuality in our services. The HSTs do not only provide the additional resource which allows us to run our services, but it also allows us to reduce any strain on our current Class 180s until the new trains are launched in November.

“We would like to thank the teams at GWR and FirstGroup – their hard work has enabled us to secure this additional train. The train will continue to build on the fantastic service we strive to provide for our customers and provide greater assurance to those who travel with us.”

Author: Darren Porter
Image: Hull Trains

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