GBRF unveil 50007 and 50049 in new livery

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20th March 2019

GB Railfreight (GBRF) have unveiled the eaglerly anticipated pairing of 50007 and 50049 in their attractive livery ahead of their debut on The Terminator-Pheonixed railtour that takes place this Saturday. The repaints are a result of a collaboration between GBRF and the Class 50 Alliance (C50A) and these locos will add another layer to GBRF capacity across the Rail Services sector.

The railtour marks 25 years since Class 50s Nos. 50050 and 50007 left London Waterloo for Penzance, returning east to Paddington for their final British Rail journey. The journey will be repeated by Pathfinder Tours, this time from Paddington and returning to Waterloo with two Class 50s at the business end giving over 600 miles of English Electric power.

The railtour has long since sold out since it was announced but timings are now confirmed giving you the chance to go out and view these iconic workhorses. The timings are as follows:

London Paddington   Dep    0705 - -
Reading                     Dep    0745 - -
Basingstoke               Arr      - - 2220
London Waterloo       Arr      - - 2310

For more detailed timings at a location near you, the outbound and return workings can be found on Realtimetrains by clicking here and here.

Author: Darren Porter
Image: GB Railfreight