Alstom to supply 13 further Coradia trains to Occitanie region

Image showing SNCF Alstom Coradia train

29th March 2019

Alstom are to supply 13 additional Coradia Polyvalent trains to the French region of Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée in a contract worth around €80M. This is a follow on order following the earlier procurement of 33 trains since 2014 of which the first has already entered service. This brings the total to 46 trains and represents an investment of more than €330M.

The new order comprises of 5 dual-mode and 8 electric variants of the Régiolis in suburban configuration to provide additional capacity to the current fleet. Consisting of four cars each, this configuration offers 50% more access doors than the ‘regional' and 'intercity' versions and allows increased passenger flow.

The first Coradia Polyvalent for Occitanie entered commercial service in May 2014 on the lines connecting Toulouse to Latour-de-Carol and Mazamet. The Coradia Polyvalent belongs to Alstom’s Coradia range of trains, and is both ecological and economical due to its low energy consumption, its compliance with the latest emissions standards in thermal mode and its low maintenance costs.

To date, 312 Coradia trains have been ordered as part of the contract awarded to Alstom by SNCF Mobilités in October 2009, including 251 Coradia Polyvalent and 61 Coradia Liners. Coradia Polyvalent trains have already covered more than 50 million kilometres in commercial service.

Jean-Baptiste Eyméoud, President of Alstom France said:

"This additional order is excellent news for the French railway industry and for Alstom’s sites in France. It marks the renewal of the Occitanie region's confidence in Alstom and its products."

Carole Delga, president of the Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée region said:

"In Occitanie, we make rail a central element of our efforts to develop mobility in all the regions. As such, our investments to preserve and maintain the network are accompanied by a proactive approach to renewing the material, in a constant effort to improve the conditions of travel and quality of service offered to our 66,000 daily passengers."

Jacques Rascol, Director of SNCF Mobilités Occitanie said:

"The arrival of these new Régiolis trains is an important step in enabling us to successfully develop the railway offer expected by the Occitanie region. This new material will enable us to continue modernising the trains to offer a quality of service in line with our customers’ expectations."

Author: Darren Porter
Image: Alstom