DRS Class 37 renamed 'Blackpool Tower'

  • DRS37407
  • DRS374072

    31st May 2019

    As part of the 125th anniversary celebrations for Blackpool Tower, a DRS (Direct Rail Services) Class 37 locomotive has been renamed in honour of the famous landmark. 37407 first carried the name from 1995 when it would often be found running 'seaside specials' to the popular seaside resort.

    Despite being well over 50 years old, 37407 still has a busy future in the DRS fleet and will continue to operate on the national rail network for DRS to provide a variety of freight and passenger services, along with supporting the continued efforts to decommission and clean-up the UK’s oldest nuclear power stations.

    Paul Makepeace, Head of Delivery at DRS said:

    "Blackpool tower has a special place in the heart of everyone from the North of England, and we’re delighted to be involved in these celebrations along with Northern, Blackpool Council and Merlin Entertainments. It means a lot to everyone at DRS - especially those based in Carlisle who have many happy memories of their holidays and days out in Blackpool. Special thanks go to the Northern team at Blackpool North Station for supporting the event logistics.”

    Author: Darren Porter
    Image: Direct Rail Services

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