Class 390 EMU

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The Class 390 is a modern classic, and you can experience the speed of this powerful tilting express train from the driver’s seat in Train Simulator.

The Class 390 is one of the fastest electric multiple units operating in Britain. The set can reach 140 mph, whilst featuring tilting train technology to allow higher speeds around bends. At present, the Class 390 operates along the West Coast Main Line and is well-known to commuters and railfans alike for its sleek looks and high performance. In 2006 a Class 390 set a new speed record along the West Coast Main Line, completing the 401-mile trip from London to Glasgow in 3 hours and 55 minutes, and in usual operation the sets will run up to 125mph where track conditions allow. The Class 390 for Train Simulator recreates the smooth high performance well-known to drivers on the West Coast Main Line, and features a realistic tilting function which mimics the action of the real thing.


  • Driving Motor Second Open
  • Motor Second Open
  • Pantograph Trailer Second Restaurant / Mini Buffet
  • Motor Second Open
  • Trailer Second Open
  • Motor First Open
  • Pantograph Trailer First Open
  • Motor First Open Disabled
  • Driving Motor Restaurant First Open




Additional Information

This older Class 390 EMU pack has now been superseded by the more recent release of the Virgin Trains Class 390 EMU. Our page for the newer product can be found by clicking here. However, as this older pack is required for hundreds of scenarios on various websites around the world and on the Steam Workshop, we do host a Virgin Trains repaint of the unit. This can be found on the Misc Reskins page by clicking here.