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Please Note:  This database is intended to provide a definitve freeware guide to content available to everyone who purchased versions of Train Simulator before 20th September 2012 when the default content included items such as ECML (Newcastle to York), GWML (Oxford to Paddington) and rolling stock such as the HST, Class 55 'Deltic' etc. Users who have purchased a version of Train Simulator after this date will need to purchase these legacy routes and assets from the Steam Store. Content listed on external sites for Rail Simulator & Railworks should be compatible with Train Simulator 2014.
DPSimulation take no responsibility for the quality of any external content listed and cannot provide support for any of the following content that ceases to work. These routes look from the outset to require no additional content, but this cannot be guaranteed. One possible item required for free routes may be the AP Station Asset Pack which is a free download and can be obtained by clicking here.
United Kingdom & Ireland
Edenderry   -   Download
Stoke to Market Drayton   -   Download
Pudsey-on-Sea to Nacter   -   Download
The First Great Western Mainline V1   -   Download
Aln Valley Railway   -   Download
The Kalm Line   -   Download
Denby to Boxford   -   Download
Churchwood & Midland Junction Mainline   -   Download
Shunting Puzzle   -   Download
Glenton Valley Railway   -   Download
Brighton - Woolsworth   -   Download
Here, There & Back Again   -   Download
The Hildorne Colliery Railway   -   Download
Kanturk - Newmarket   -   Download
Netherfield   -   Download
North Lindsey Light Railway   -   Download
Piccallily   -   Download
The Port Road   -   Download
The Port Road 2  -   Download
Radcliffe to Harby & Strathern   -   Download
Pinetree Rail Centre   -   Download
Speed Testing Bowl   -   Download
Callander & Oban Railway   -   Download
Sourton Down   -   Download
Southern Metals   -   Download
Sudbury to Marks Tey   -   Download
The Bordon Branch   -   Download
The Granfield Branch   -   Download
UpnDown   -   Download
United States
Metropolitan Suburban Transit System   -   Download
Feather River Canyon   -   Download
Soldier Summit   -   Download