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This Page Is Under Construction
Please Note:  This database is intended to provide a definitve freeware guide to content available to everyone who purchased versions of Train Simulator before 20th September 2012 when the default content included items such as ECML (Newcastle to York), GWML (Oxford to Paddington) and rolling stock such as the HST, Class 55 'Deltic' etc. Users who have purchased a version of Train Simulator after this date will need to purchase these legacy routes and assets from the Steam Store. Content listed on external sites for Rail Simulator & Railworks should be compatible with Train Simulator 2014.
DPSimulation take no responsibility for the quality of any external content listed and cannot provide support for any of the following content that ceases to work. Some of the following content may be available in the UKTS Freeware packs and further reskins/variations for the following rolling stock may be available from the respective download sites. To the best of my knowledge, none of this content should require any additional downloads.
United Kingdom
Class 25 Diesel Locmotive   -   Download
Class 35 Diesel Locomotive   -   Download
Class 58 Diesel Locomotive   -   Download
GWR Diesel Railcar   -   Download
Class 142 DMU   -   Download
Class 144 DMU   -   Download
Class 86/0 Electric Locomotive 'BR Blue'   -   Download
Class 86/2 Electric Locomotive 'Intercity'   -   Download
Class 86/2 Electric Locomotive 'BR Blue'   -   Download
Class 90 Electric Locomotive   -   Download
Class 317/1 EMU 'BR Blue'   -   Download
Class 317/1 EMU 'Network SouthEast'   -   Download
Class 317/1 EMU 'BedPan'   -   Download
Class 318/1 EMU 'SPTE'   -   Download
Class 455/8 EMU 'Network SouthEast'   -   Download
'5BEL' Brighton Belle EMU   -   Download
BR 2HAP EMU 'BR Blue'   -   Download
BR 4EPB EMU 'BR Blue'   -   Download
BR 2EPB EMU 'BR Blue'   -   Download
BR 4SUB EMU Pack   -   Download
BR 2BIL EMU 'SR Green'   -   Download
Standard Stock Pack   -   Download
Q1 Steam Locomotive   -   Download
Corris Railway Loco No 2   -   Download
Ivatt Class 2 2-6-2 T Locomotive   -   Download
Ivatt Class 2 2-6-0 Tender Locomotive   -   Download
Stanier LMS 0-4-4 T Locomotive   -   Download
Class 3F Locomotive   -   Download
Fowler 3F 0-6-0 Locomotive Pack   -   Download
Fowler LMS 3F 0-6-0 Locomotive   -   Download
Fowler 4F Locomotive   -   Download
Collet GWR 94XX Pannier   -   Download
LNER B17 Locomotive   -   Download
Bullied Light Pacific Locomotive   -   Download
LNER Class A3 Locomotive   -   Download
SDJR Fowler 0-6-0 Locomotive   -   Download
CR Dunalastair 4-4-0 Locomotive   -   Download
Talylln Railway Locomotive 'Dolgoch'   -   Download
GWR Collet 0-6-0 Locomotive  -   Download
GWR Hall Locomotive   -   Download
GWR King Class Locomotive   -   Download
LBSC G Class Locomotive   -   Download
LNER K4 Locomotive   -   Download
S&D Johnson 4-4-0 Locomotive   -   Download
CR Class 80 4-4-0 Locomotive   -   Download
GC Rod 04 Locomotive   -   Download
Class 3F Tank Locomotive   -   Download
BR King Class Locomotive   -  Download
Rebuilt Royal Scot Locomotive   -   Download
BR 9F Locomotive   -   Download
LNER D11 Director   -   Download
GNR N2 Locomotive   -   Download
Hughes Crab Locomotive   -   Download
LNER V2 Locomotive   -   Download
SR Maunsell U Class 2-6-0 Locomotive   -   Download
Croydon Tramlink Cr4000   -   Download
Blackpool Balloon Trams   -   Download
London E1 Tram   -   Download
Blackpool Boat Trams   -   Download
Blackpool Lifeboat Tram   -   Download
Passenger Coaching Stock
Talylln Railway Coach No 1   -   Download
Ffestiniog Coach No 38   -   Download
LBSC Stroudley Comp Coach V1.1   -   Download
Stroudley 4 Wheel Brake End Coach V1.2   -   Download
Midland Railway 6 Wheel Coaches   -   Download
Caledonian Railway 6 Wheel Coaches   -   Download
Somerset & Dorset 6 Wheel Coaches   -   Download
Freight Wagons
Freightliner MJA Wagon Pack   -   Download
EWS SSA Scrap Wagon   -   Download
CXV BR 11t Gunpowder Vans   -   Download
CGO 20t Unfitted Grain Hopper   -   Download
ZJV Mermaid 14t Ballast Tipper   -   Download
BCO Bolster C Pack   -   Download
BCV Bolster C Pack   -   Download
BEV Bolster E Pack   -   Download
OHV 13t Highfit Wagon   -   Download
TSV TS021A & TS029A 35t Tanks   -   Download
TTV 2-Axle Tanks   -   Download
BDV Bolster D Pack   -   Download
BPV Boplate E Pack   -   Download
FEV Conflat E Coke   -   Download
GWR Wagon Pack 01   -   Download
GWR Wagon Pack 02   -   Download
GWR Wagon Pack 03   -   Download
7 Plank Coal Wagons   -   Download
GWR 20t Brake Van 'Toad'   -   Download
Corris Railway Brake Van   -   Download
Open Coal Wagons 2ft 3in   -   Download
PO Coal Wagons   -   Download
12 Ton LNER Fruit Vans   -   Download
GWR Iron Mink Wagons   -   Download
Hudson Ruggas 2ft 3in   -   Download
Rugga Wagons 2ft 3in   -   Download
Pre-Grouping Wagon Pack   -   Download
SE&CR/SR Wagon Pack   -   Download
Closed Wagon 2ft 3in   -   Download
LNER Longfit Wagons   -   Download
8 Plank PO Coal Wagons   -   Download
LT Turbot Wagon   -   Download
CAR Brake Van   -   Download
12T Coke Wagon   -   Download
LMS 6Ton Fish Wagon   -   Download
GWR Horse Box   -   Download
Acorn Wagon Pack   -   Download
Saxa Salt Wagons   -   Download
Diesel Brake Tender   -   Download
Other Europe
HZ 1141   -   Download
HZ 1142   -   Download
ZS 444   -   Download
ASEA 1141-019   -   Download
EMU 6111   -   Download
JZ 11-061   -   Download
MAV 424-309   -   Download
Freight Wagons
NS Post B Dutch Mail Wagon   -   Download
Trestrol Wagon   -   Download
Saadkms Rola Wagon   -   Download
VR Simn Box Wagon   -   Download
United States
GP15-1 Missouri Pacific Locomotive   -   Download
GP7 Seaboard Air Line Locomotive   -   Download
Amtrak F40PH Locomotive   -   Download
Passenger Coaching Stock
Amtrak Amfleet Cars   -   Download
Freight Wagons
PS2 4750 Grain Hopper   -   Download
40ft Skeleton Logcar   -   Download