Northern continues to support Blackpool’s ‘Corona Kindness’ Campaign

3rd August 2020

Northern is continuing to help Blackpool's most vulnerable people as part of a kindness campaign introduced amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In June, year in industry student Jean-Marc Otomonga and the team at Blackpool North began collecting donations for the 'Corona Kindness' initiative, run by Blackpool Council and volunteers, which is providing food parcels and vital support to residents.

A further collection of donations – around 25 bags of children’s clothing, toys and toiletries - has now been delivered to Grange Park Children's Centre.

The donations will make a real difference to those that have been most affected during the crisis.

Jean-Marc said: “I delivered another 25 bags of donations to Blackpool Council’s children’s centre on behalf of Northern staff at Blackpool North. These included toiletries, children’s toys and clothes. This would not have been possible without help from my colleagues and I would like to thank everyone.”

He added: “I'm proud to be helping the local community as COVID has affected many lives, not just physically but economically. A few months ago, I was made aware of some of the difficulties faced by people in Blackpool and this inspired me to take the initiative and do something different as a year in industry student at Northern.”

Jean-Marc has now completed his year in industry; however donations will still be collected by the team at Blackpool North to further support the community.

Image: Northern