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Route Downloads

East Coast Main Line - North East
A release version East Coast Main Line - North East is available now from the Steam Workshop. Click here to view the workshop page, or click here for more details.
The route is a clone of the original East Coast Main Line route, formerly known as Newcastle to York. The original route is set in the late 1970's and is probably starting to show it's age given it originates before the release of Rail Simulator in 2007. This project from DPSimulation is an effort to modernise the route to reflect the route as it currently stands in 2013 with full electrification, accurate speed limits, track rationalisation and complete resignalling. Work is currently underway to include the 27 mile Darlington to Saltburn branch line as part of this route.
East Coast Main Line (Newcastle to York) - Occlusion Upgrade
This is an occlusion upgrade to the Newcastle to York route. This upgrade adds occlusion assets to all overbridges, good sheds and major station buildings. The result is that when driving, the cab will take on a realistic shadow when passing under a bridge, as well as no rain penetrating major station structures or bridges.
This download requires the East Coast Main Line route, available from the Steam Store.
Download Here:    DPS ECML Occlusion Upgrade
Edinburgh to Glasgow - Scenery Update V1

This is a scenery update for the payware Edinburgh to Glasgow route by Thomson Interactive. Version 1 adds the scenery between Larbert and Stirling.
This download requires the Edinburgh to Glasgow route, available from the Steam Store.
Download Here:     DPS E&G Update V1
This route is also now available via the Steam Workshop. This means that you can subscribe to the route, and receive automatic upgrades as and when they are released. The Steam Workshop version can be found by following this link
Cresston V4 OBv2



This is a beta version of Cresston V4 and is not the final, completed product. This will manifest in a number of different ways. Parts of scenery are missing and some areas are in a grubby state. In order to provide some order to the chaos, some areas will have a billboard above the track stating that this is still a WIP area. As this is a beta, some signalling, speed limits, track properties and other track related items are still missing. This has an obvious impact on scenario creation, however, it is still safe to create scenarios in most areas and any future beta releases along with the final release will not break these.

Despite the billboards stating some areas are a no go, many areas of scenery beyond these boards are actually complete and you are more than welcome to go beyond them and take a look around, much of the idea behind releasing an open beta is in order to give people the chance to take a look at what is to come.


Cresston V4 requires WCML North and the AP Station Asset Pack. The WCML North pack is located within the Steam store and the AP Station Pack is available from These are not optional downloads, and are integral to the route. There are no further downloads required**, everything else is included within the route package.

**This is applicable for existing users who had purchased all versions of Railworks up until Train Simulator 2012. As this route relies on much of the original asset content that was included in these original versions, any new users who only own TS2013 as of 21/09/2012 will also need the legacy Euro and US Asset Packs. These are available from Steam.

If any new users are wishing to use this route and are wondering which is the best way to move forward, and are willing to make a purchase, it's worth nothing that the main requirement WCML North includes both of these asset packs at no further cost.


Included within OBv2 is a short scenario which does not feature AI. This is there merely for the end user to have a quick drive over some of the newer sections of the route. This scenario utilises the Class 156 DMU, available from the Steam Store.


There is a possibility that the following link may become unavailable for short periods, especially in the hours following initial release. If this does happen, please be patient.

Download Here:   Cresston V4OB V2



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