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This page is dedicated to Train Simulator news. For news about the real railway, click here.

North Wales Coastal - Standalone

Previously only available as part of the Train Simulator 2018 package, North Wales Coastal has now been released as a standalone route available to purchase separately. To view more information about this route, click here.

  • NWC2
  • NWC1
  • NWC5
  • NWC3
  • NWC4

Train Simulator 2019 - Important Notes

With the release of Train Simulator 2019 now imminent, it's important to note that some instructions have been added to the Train Simulator knowledgebase should you wish to immediately use the 64-bit version of the program.

  1. Load Steam and navigate to your Game Library.
  2. Right-click on Train Simulator and select Properties.
  3. Click the Local Files tab and then Browse Local Files.
  4. Double-click on the file called Setup_Audio.bat (we're receiving early reports this hasn't been included with the build - you can download it from here. Just drop it into the folder above)
  5. A window will open, and you should select Option 2 to set up the audio for 64-bit. (If you plan on going back to 32-bit, you will need to repeat these steps but choose Option 1)
  6. Follow the instructions presented until you’re back at the main menu – choose Option 3 to exit.
  7. You can now safely launch Train Simulator 64-bit by clicking Play from the Steam Games Library.

CPRR 4-6-0 Buffalo

The latest release from Smokebox has arrived on Steam in the shape of the iconic CPRR 4-6-0 Buffalo steam locomotive. Originating from the late 1860's, this period locomotive is the latest in the line of excellent projects from Smokebox and features an array of advanced features. View more information about this new release by clicking here.

  • BUFF3
  • BUFF5
  • BUFF1
  • BUFF4
  • BUFF6
  • BUFF2

Armstrong Powerhouse - Class 444/450 Enhancement Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse have released the latest in their line of popular enhancement packs, this time featuring Class 444 & Class 450 that are included with the new London Waterloo to Portsmouth route. Priced at £7.99, this enhancement pack can be purchased from Armstrong Powerhouse by clicking here.

Bernina Pass: St Moritz – Poschiavo

Bernina Pass: St Moritz – Poschiavo, an all new route from acclaimed developer Thomson Interactive has now been released for Train Simulator. View more information about this new release by clicking here.

  • BERN2
  • BERN1
  • BERN4
  • BERN6
  • BERN5
  • BERN3

North East England - New Screenshots

I've had a few emails over the past couple of weeks asking for more screenshots of the route. Happy to oblige, here are a few covering the Durham Coast line. Full size versions of these images can be found on my blog by clicking here. For more information about this upcoming route, click here.

  • NEEDC1
  • NEEDC2
  • NEEDC3
  • NEEDC4
  • NEEDC5
  • NEEDC6
  • NEEDC7
  • NEEDC8
  • NEEDC9

Amtrak SDP40F Locomotive

The Amtrak SDP40F locomotive from 'Digital Train Model' has now been released for Train Simulator. View more information about this new release by clicking here.

  • SDP40F3
  • SDP40F2
  • SDP40F1
  • SDP40F5
  • SDP40F4

Frankfurt High Speed: Frankfurt – Karlsruhe Route Extension

The Frankfurt High Speed: Frankfurt – Karlsruhe Route Extension route has now been released for Train Simulator. An extension of the Rhine Railway: Mannheim - Karlsruhe route, this brings the route to over 130km of high speed running. View more information about this new extension by clicking here.

  • FRAN1
  • FRAN5
  • FRAN4
  • FRAN2
  • FRAN3

North East England - Coming Soon

North East England, an all new route from DPSimulation, coming soon to Train Simulator. For more information click here.

  • NEE02
  • NEE06
  • NEE04
  • NEE07
  • NEE03
  • NEE05
  • NEE01

Raton Pass: Trinidad - Raton

The Raton Pass route has now been released for Train Simulator. Developed by Milepost Simulations, the new Raton Pass route re-creates the 1990s when Raton Pass was host to Santa Fe warbonnet diesels totting intermodals, coal, grain, and manifests as well as Amtrak’s stylish Superliner-equipped Southwest Chief. View more information about this new route by clicking here.

  • RATO2
  • RATO1
  • RATO5
  • RATO4
  • RATO6
  • RATO3

GEML Class 315

A variation of the excellent Class 315 from Armstrong Powerhouse and Waggonz has now been released on Steam, allowing the use of this unit in Steam Workshop scenarios. Priced at £11.99, appropriate liveries for the GEML are included and the unit is loaded with all of the features expected of an AP/Waggonz product. View more information about this new pack by clicking here.

  • GEML3155
  • GEML3154
  • GEML3153
  • GEML3152
  • GEML3151