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    Created by Devon Labuschagne, the South West Branch line is a freeware route created in Train Simulator 2015. The route loosely represents the line from Barnstaple to Exeter, better known as the Tarka line.

    The route runs from the country town of Ashborough through the North Devon countryside to the mainline station of Stornton. It then continues onto to Stornton Central and ends at Redhurst Park. A route map depicting the route can be found in the manual. Requirements for this route have been kept at a minimum, with the vast majority of assets included in the package. However, you will require the European Loco & Asset Pack which is available from Steam. Users who owned the program prior to Train Simulator 2012 will already own this, it is also included with many popular routes such as WCML North & WCML Over Shap along with many others.

    Several scenarios are included with the route and all use the above European Loco & Asset pack. Alternative versions of these scenarios are also included, these make use of further payware requirements for authenticity and details of these requirements are listed in the supplied manual.

    Many members of the community helped contribute towards this fantastic route and details of these contributions can be found in the user manual. This route is also not to be shared or hosted on other websites or servers.



    Download Here:    (183mb)    South West Branch Line

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