railway timetable Archive

Download a variety of timetables from current and now defunct Train Operating Companies covering a period of nearly 20 years. As it is often a slow and difficult process to obtain this historic data, this is an ongoing work in progress project and some timetables could not be extracted from the archives and there will therefore be some yearly gaps. The majority of timetables are presented in PDF format but some of the oldest timetables are formed from raw data and are presented in OpenOffice Spreadsheet or JPEG image format.

Clickable image taking you to the SEPTA schedule archive

UK Freight Timetable Archive

UK network rail working timetable (WTT) Archive

Full working timetables for the whole country. It shows all movements on the rail network including freight trains, empty trains and those coming in and out of depots. It also includes unique identification codes for each train, and intermediate times for journeys, including which stations a train is not scheduled to stop at. Please note that due to the large amount of data involved, many of these files are large.