Train Simulator Assets & Scenery

Many of the files listed below are in compressed format and will need to be unpacked with an archiving program, we recommend 7-Zip which is completely free and can be downloaded from here.

Route Building Pack 01

Legal/Terms of Use documentation is included within this package.

Older Scenery

Although no longer required as a separate download for any of our own routes, the following assets may be required by various user created routes.

Discontinued UKTS Files

The following items are older files which are now discontinued, however, they may be referenced by third party creations and were originally hosted in UKTrainsim. The UKTS file number is written alongside in order to help identify which files are needed.

UKTS File 24037 - Gantry Pack
UKTS File 22171 -  LCD Display Pack
UKTS File 22167 -  Information Board Pack
UKTS File 24028 - Seating Pack
UKTS File 24027 - Foot Crossing Pack
UKTS File 26532 - DPS Farm Pack
UKTS File 24026 - CIS Board Pack
UKTS File 24025 - AWS Sign Pack

Route Occlusion Upgrades By Fodda

Tunnel occlusion modules were introduced in later incarnations of Train Simulator. These scenery items allow a route builder (or modder) to add occlusions to any model or part of a Train Simulator route. These occlusions basically block any rain or light coming into the occlusion. They may be fine tuned, and specifically the amount of light inside the occlusion can be changed from being totally dark, to totally light.

What this means is that placing one in a tunnel allows the tunnel to become as dark as the person wants, with a variable fade in and out as a train enters or leaves the tunnel. It also makes other trains in the tunnel appear properly (not glowing). Please take note of the included readme in each file for installation instructions.