Below you will find a range of websites with that either contain similar content to DPSimulation, or share a common interest. If you own a website that you feel should be on this list and would like a reciprocal link, please get in touch by clicking here.

Alan Thomson Simulation

An all new website bearing the name of popular Twitch streamer Alan Thomson, the site is already rapidly growing with lots of free downloads readily available.

Armstrong Powerhouse

One of the premier vendors of UK content for Train Simulator, Armstrong Powerhouse have built an enormous reputation over the last ten years within the Train Simulator community. If you are here then it's unlikely you haven't already heard of them, if you haven't then go and take a look!

Dovetail Live

The online portal from Dovetail Games which despite the occasional negativity offered towards them, without them we don't exist. The online portal amalgamates the various simulation titles from DTG, offering daily news and insight into new and existing products.

Just Trains

One of the first creators of commercial content for the then Rail Simulator and Railworks platform, they blazed a trail in partnership with DPSimulation to try and further our hobby. Still going strong, Just Trains offer a wide range of content for Train Simulator and provide a regular 'In Development' page to let you know what is coming soon.

Steam Sounds Supreme

A rapidly growing site providing both paid and free content with a dedication to steam-era content. With a range of rolling stock, routes and sound/enhancement packs, SSS are well worth a look.

Railcam UK

Railcam UK are one of the largest sites in the world dedicated to providing live cameras of the real railway, with multiple cams in mainline and heritage locations all over the UK as well as various continental locations.


Provides an extremely in depth directory to anything rail related. Whether that is related to train simulation, real railways, railway webcams and memorabilia. If it isn't on Railserve then it probably doesn't exist!

RailUK Forums

A broad ranging discussion forum for both staff and enthusiast alike. It isn't particularly geared towards simulation but is certainly a great place to go if you have any questions about real life railway operations.

Transport Simulation UK

A site created by simulation veteran Vern Moorhouse, Transport Simulation UK offers his unique take on all things in the simulation world and quite often provides an update to any projects that Vern is working on.


The UKTrainsim file library hosts thousands of files for Train Simulator as well as content for previous titles such as Microsoft Train Simulator. All downloads are free but are limited to a very low download speed. Subscription options are available to remove this speed limit.

UKTrainsim Forum

The UKTrainsim forums are full of members waiting to offer advice and guidance about many titles including Train Simulator. If you are looking for general help or want to keep up to date with upcoming freeware and payware content, this isn't a bad place to start.

Vulcan Productions

Our friends at Vulcan productions that host an ever increasing library of quality content for Train Simulator from a variety of different developers. If you haven't visited them before, take a look!