richard fletcher (rf72) - wagon reskins

As the majority of reskins listed below are for payware products, certain files must be omitted for security reasons. Each download will contain a set of specific instructions to help you install the content. All files listed below are in compressed format and will need to be unpacked with an archiving program, we recommend 7-Zip which is completely free and can be downloaded from here.

Certain items on this page use decals with permission from Vulcan Productions. Visit the VP website by clicking here.

DT BR Wagon Repaint Pack

  • RFDTPack2
  • RFDTPack4
  • RFDTPack3
  • RFDTPack1


FEA Container Flat 'British Gypsum'

FKA (Megafret) Repaint Pack

  • fka_01
  • fka_04
  • fka_03
  • fka_06
  • fka_07

GLW FINA Class A and Class B 102t Bogie Tanks

  • 85500
  • 85645

HAA 'Coal Sector Yellow'

HQA 'Post Railtrack' Autoballaster

  • hqa1
  • hqa2

HTA 'EWS/DB Schenker'

  • hta002
  • hta001
  • hta003
  • hta004

IOA Network Rail

JNA 'Mendip Rail'

  • jna_vtg
  • jna_nacco
  • jna_caib

mja 'GBRF blue'

MXA Wagon - JNA 'Network Rail'

  • jna001
  • jna002

pba 'cleveland potash'

PBA 'ECC' Tiger Rail

  • pba1
  • pba2

PCA 'Alcan' Hopper

PCA CFMF Castle Cement Hopper

PCA 39.7t Cerestar Hopper

PCA 38.1t ICI Mond Division Hopper

PCA 37.8t Albright & Wilson Hopper

PCA 38t Lever Brothers Purple Hopper

PCA 37.5t Rockware Glass Hopper

PGA - HGA ZFA 'Gunnel'

  • hga01
  • hga05
  • hga04
  • hga03
  • hga02

POA railease 35.1t Scrap Metal

poa SR scrap

SR 25.5t 'Queen Mary' Bogie Goods Brake Van

  • ytv
  • ytw

TDA 'Murco Petroleum'

  • teavtg
  • tdamurcored
  • tdamurco

ZBA Rudd 'dutch'

zcv clam 'dutch'

ZDA (ex-OCA) 31.5t 'BASS' Open Goods

  • zda_4
  • zda_3
  • zda_2
  • zda_1

ZKV 27t Tippler 'Barbel'

  • zkv01
  • zkv03
  • zkv02

South wales coastal Container Texture Patch

  • swc_005
  • swc_004
  • swc_003
  • swc_002
  • swc_001

Class 66 Fl v2.0 Container Texture Replace 1

  • iso6
  • iso5
  • iso4
  • iso3
  • iso2

Class 66 Fl v2.0 Container Texture Replace 2

  • iso_10
  • iso_09
  • iso_08
  • iso_07