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edinburgh to glasgow - carstairs extension

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Designed as a standalone extension to the Edinburgh to Glasgow route from Thomson Interactive, the Carstairs extension includes the 27 mile line between Haymarket and Carstairs completing the link between the ECML and WCML. Also included is a scenery extension between Larbert and Stirling as well as the small section as far as South Gyle.

Please note that due to the inability to upload custom objects and the lack of suitable content included with the route, Stirling does not have a platform base, only invisible splines which will allow passenger loading/unloading. Likewise, Carstairs is very basic in it's creation due to the unavailability of custom assets. The same issue exists regarding level crossings which intentionally have gates/lights missing. This is due to no suitable assets being available in the Edinburgh to Glasgow DLC and my unwillingness to require another DLC for minimal gain. 

This route is dedicated to the memory of my mother who passed away on the 12th April 2016 whilst the project was under construction.




This route is available on the Steam Workshop and can be found by clicking here.