Southeastern lengthens some peak time trains

02nd November 2018

Following a result of passenger feedback to determine demand, Southeastern has announced that a number of morning and evening peak time trains.

The changes have been made across the Mainline and Highspeed routes into Kent, as well as the Metro routes that run mainly within the Greater London area and are as follows:

Morning Peak

  • The 0607 Faversham-London Cannon Street is lengthened to 10 carriages from 8 carriages
  • The 0650 Gravesend-London Charing Cross is lengthened to 12 carriages from 10 carriages

Evening Peak

  • The 1805 London Blackfriars-Rochester is lengthened to 8 carriages from 6 carriages
  • The 1612 London St Pancras International-Margate is lengthened to 12 carriages from 6 carriages as far as Ashford International
  • The 1639 London Charing Cross-Ramsgate increased to 11 carriages from 8 carriages

Guy Horstmann, Head of Train Planning for Southeastern, said: “We’re always trying to do more to provide better journeys for our passengers, and we use every available train we have to run the timetable. We’re constantly re-balancing the trains we have with the demand for services people use to ensure that our passengers are getting as comfortable a journey as possible. We hope our passengers on some of the busiest journeys can see a difference.”

Author: Darren Porter
Image: Southeastern