Delay Repay 15 starts for Northern customers

18th December 2018

Starting yesterday (December 17th) Northern customers can now take advantage of a new Delay Repay scheme where they can claim for extended compensation on journeys delayed by 15 minutes or more. The 'Delay Repay 15' scheme - known as DR15 - ensures passengers can claim quickly regardless of the cause of their delay.

DR15 is an extension of the existing scheme that allowed passengers to claim for delays of 30 minutes or more. Passengers who are now delayed by 15-29 minutes can now reclaim compensation worth 25% of their single fare.

This comes on top of the special compensation package announced for Northern and TransPennine Express passengers who experienced major disruption earlier this year following the timetable change. More than £1 million has already been paid out in compensation to over 12,000 ticket holders.

Rail Minister Andrew Jones said:

"Extending ‘Delay Repay’ to cover 15 minute delays is the right thing to do for northern passengers. Our absolute priority is delivering the reliable services passengers deserve, but when things go wrong people must be compensated fairly and quickly.

“We are also investing £15 million on enhancements for passengers across the north, ensuring we deliver improvements that passengers want alongside more comfortable and punctual services."

Richard Allan, Deputy Managing Director at Northern, said:

"We are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused by the disruption to rail services earlier this year and have paid special compensation to more than 11,000 season ticket and non-season holders since the summer.

"Now, with the launch of Delay Relay 15, those customers who experience day-to-day delays will be able to claim the compensation they want and deserve. Our team works hard to deliver a consistent, punctual service but delays do happen and extending the scheme is the right thing to do for our customers."

David Hoggarth, Strategic Rail Director at Transport for the North, said:

"The major disruption passengers across the north have endured this year has been unacceptable, it’s only right that they’re compensated when things go wrong. This a welcome move that will mean more people can claim now and in the future. Focus must now be getting services back on track.

"Transport for the North is committed to ensuring that passenger interests are put first, and we will continue to press the operators to deliver a reliable and more resilient rail service that people can depend on."

Author: Darren Porter
Image: Northern Rail