Hull Trains release statement on service disruption

26th October 2018

Hull Trains have released a statement addressing the recent service disruption that has severely affected passengers. In recent times, disruption has been so severe at times that the company had days where they were unable to run a single service.

The company has also faced criticism from passengers and those within the industry for what they see as inadequate ticket acceptance during the disruption. In some cases passengers were only able to travel on certain services resulting in much longer journey times, while in other cases they were required to purchase completely new tickets with the guidance to obtain a refund at a later date.

The statement, from a Hull Trains spokesperson is as follows, it can be found on the Hull trains website.

“We are pleased to report that three of our four trains have now been fully repaired. We are hopeful that the fourth train will be back in service by mid-November. Following feedback from our customers and stakeholders, we feel it could be counterproductive to reinstate a full service right now, so we have decided to continue with a reduced timetable until all four trains are back in service. This will at least give some certainty to our customers about what trains will be running to the normal timetable and which services will be subject to contingency arrangements. It will mean that eight out of our 14 services will run as normal.

“We are also looking at trying to source an additional train so that our services are more resilient ahead of the delivery of our new fleet next year. This isn’t without its challenges, but we are doing all that we can to make this happen. We cannot share any more information about this at this time.

“This has been a very difficult time for Hull Trains, our customers and our people. We are very sorry for the ongoing disruption to our customers. We are grateful for everyone’s patience, support and understanding while we get things fully back on track as soon as we can. We will be back in touch with additional information when there is more to report.”

Author: Darren Porter
Image: Hull Trains