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    One of the first mass produced diesel-electric locomotive classes for British Railways, the Class 40, comes to Train Simulator, from developer RailRight.

    A total of 200 ‘Whistlers’ (so called because of their distinctive turbo whistle sound) were built by English Electric over a four year period from 1958, and were – for a time – considered to be the pride of British Rail’s early diesel fleet. The first of the Type 4 diesels was delivered on 14 March 1958 and pulled its first revenue-generating service between London Liverpool Street and Norwich a month later.

    Despite the mixed success of the initial 10 Class 40 prototypes, BR ordered a further 190 locomotives all painted in diesel green livery. Such were the changes in railway working practices during the build period of the ‘Whistlers’, batches were delivered with significant design differences, including disc headcode markers, split headcode boxes and gangway doors.

    A number of the Class were named after cruise ships as they hauled express trains to Liverpool, however as they locomotives were withdrawn from these services, so their names were removed. The ‘Whistlers’ could be seen over most of the BR network hauling flagship express passenger trains, however as they were replaced with more powerful locomotives, so their duties were moved to secondary passenger services and freight.

    Withdrawals of the Class began in 1976 due to their lack of power and not being fitted with air braking, leaving them unsuitable to haul modern freight and passenger stock; however, it was another nine years before the whole Class was withdrawn.

    The popularity of ‘Whistlers’ among rail fans has seen seven of the Class in preservation today, with 40145 (currently numbered 345 in its pre-TOPS guise) the first to enter preservation in 1984. Today, it has been restored to mainline standards and is unique in being the only Class 40 to be mainline certified.

    Loco number 40145 is one of the three in Class currently owned and operated by the Class 40 Preservation Society (CFPS), and this model for Train Simulator is officially licensed by the Society. Available in both BR Blue and BR Large Logo liveries, the model includes standard (HUD compatible) and advanced versions and a wealth of details and enhanced functionality, including authentic acceleration and deceleration physics, air system simulation, electric system simulation, locomotive preparation and cold start simulation, functional radiator shutters, battery isolation, fully controllable lighting, independent controls in both cabs, change end switches, AWS isolators, simulated faults, selectable braking modes for air/vacuum and freight/passenger, changeable head code blinds and much more to provide the most authentic experience.


    • BR Class 40 in BR Blue and BR Large Logo liveries
    • Officially licensed by the Class 40 Preservation Society
    • Standard (HUD compatible) and Advanced versions
    • Authentic acceleration and deceleration physics
    • Air system simulation
    • Electric system simulation
    • Locomotive preparation and cold start simulation
    • Functional radiator shutters
    • Battery isolation
    • Fully controllable lighting
    • Independent controls in both cabs
    • Change end switches
    • AWS isolators
    • Simulated faults
    • Selectable braking modes for air/vacuum and freight/passenger
    • Changeable head code blinds
    • Quick Drive compatible
    • 4 scenarios for the Midland Main Line London-Bedford route, also available on Steam.


    Class 40 '40145' Manual

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