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  • Released:    1989-
  • Developer:    Hal Laboratory
  • Genre:    Puzzle | Action
  • Mode(s):    Single Player

*Adventures of Lolo is a puzzle video game released in 1989 by HAL Laboratory for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a compilation of puzzles from Eggerland: Meikyū no Fukkatsu and Eggerland: Sōzō he no Tabidachi. It was available on the Wii's and Wii U's Virtual Console in North America and in PAL regions, as well as on the Nintendo Switch Online's virtual Nintendo Entertainment System library.

Adventures of Lolo was developed and published by HAL Laboratory for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was released in North America on 20 April 1989 and in Europe in February 1991. A Nintendo representative commented that Nintendo was "trying to stretch the kids' imaginations" with Lolo. It was re-released for the Wii's Virtual Console on 8 June 2007 in North America and on 6 August 2007 in PAL regions. It was also re-released for the Wii U's Virtual Console by Nintendo in North America on 15 May 2014 and in PAL regions on 21 August 2014 as well as for the Nintendo 3DS in PAL regions on 16 October 2014 and in North America on 8 January 2015, and then re-released again for the Nintendo Switch's Virtual Console in December of 2018.


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