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    Take the throttle of Amtrak’s stylish and historic Electro-Motive E8 and highball famous American passenger trains in Amtrak E8 Scenario Pack 01!

    Throughout a generation of American railroading, the Electro-Motive “E-unit” was “the” motive power for America’s passenger trains. Between 1937 and 1963, Electro-Motive produced more than 1,300 of the stylish diesels. In 1949, Electro-Motive introduced the E8 and during a production run that lasted until 1954, nearly 500 E8s were built. In 1971, Amtrak assumed the majority of U. S. intercity passenger services and the passenger railroad acquired nearly 200 of the veteran EMD E-units as its primary motive power. Amtrak’s last E-units were not retired until the early 1980s.

    Amtrak E8 Scenario Pack 01 features ten career scenarios based on authentic Amtrak scheduled operations during the 1970s. You’ll have the opportunity to operate on three popular Train Simulator routes: The Donner Pass Southern Pacific route; the Sherman Hill route; and the Miami - West Palm Beach route – and serve as engineer on three notable Amtrak passenger trains: The San Francisco Zephyr; the Floridian; and the Silver Star!

    Developed by noted scenario author Gary Dolzall, Amtrak E8 Scenario Pack 01 will take you from sunny South Florida to the high plains of Wyoming to rugged Donner Pass in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains for an extraordinary selection of challenging passenger-railroading experiences!

    Climb aboard an American railroading classic with the Amtrak E8 Scenario Pack 01!

    In order to play all of the scenarios included in this scenario pack, the following add-ons are required:


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