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    Another Brick in The Mall Trailer

    Another Brick in The Mall Gameplay


    Design, build and manage a giant shopping center. Open shops, supermarkets, restaurants, movie theaters, bowling alleys and more. Hire and manage the best staff for the job and milk your customers for all they're worth!

    • Design and build your center from the ground up. You are responsible for every road, parking, wall, floor tile, door, shelf, plant, you name it. Arrange them optimally, or to your liking, and create a unique shopping empire.
    • Thousands of characters and vehicles are simulated on screen, for that ant colony feel.
    • Hire your staff from a panel of applicants, making sure their skills match the job.
    • Deploy your workforce efficiently to keep the queues short, the shelves stocked and the floors clean.
    • Keep your customers happy and satisfied. Unsatisfied customers will not come back tomorrow and furious ones will make a stink and tarnish your reputation.
    • Sell staple goods to attract more customers and prey on their cravings and addictions to trigger impulse purchases.
    • Starting your venture with limited funds, responsible accounting is paramount to your success. Open your first business, turn a profit, take out loans and expand progressively.
    • Or play in sandbox mode and carelessly spend your infinite money: “This is your world.”



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