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    The modern and low-emission BR 266 comes to Train Simulator, ideal for running freight services on Germany’s extensive rail network.

    Built in Canada by General Motors, the BR 266 is based on the UK’s Class 66 diesel locomotive, externally resembling the UK locomotive in appearance but with a different internal control desk to accommodate for the addition of German rail systems.

    The locomotive is operated by a number of German hauliers, including Euro Cargo Rail, HGK, Rail4Chem and HHPI, and regularly hauls heavy freight across Germany and Western Europe.

    The BR 266 for Train Simulator is available in grey/silver livery and features SIFA driver vigilance, PZB and LZB signalling systems, along with Megafret container wagons.


    • BR 266 in grey/silver livery
    • SIFA driver vigilance
    • PZB and LZB signalling systems
    • Megafret container wagons
    • Quick Drive compatible
    • 3 scenarios for the West Rhine: Cologne-Koblenz route, also available on Steam


    BR 266 Manual

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