Network SouthEast Class 159 DMU Add-On

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    As part of British Rail’s popular Sprinter family of diesel multiple units, Class 159s were a popular sight on south west services from the UK’s capital to the west of England, and is now available for Train Simulator.

    Built between 1989 and 1992 as Class 158 units, the Class 159 units were converted in the early 1990s to meet a demand on south west services to replace ageing Class 50 loco-hauled services. The Class 50 trains were not suited to the short distances between stops and suffered reliability issues.

    In all, 22 units were converted into Class 159 units, incorporating modifications such as the addition of a First Class passenger section and cab modifications. The most notable improvement was a more powerful 400hp diesel engine that allowed the units to tackle some of the more challenging gradients with ease.

    Class 159 DMUs are formed of a leading Driving Motor Composite vehicle, incorporating the first class section, a Motor Second trailer vehicle and a reversed Driving Motor Second vehicle. These three-car sets were often coupled in units of six vehicles, allowing them to carry some 424 passengers.

    The BR Class 159 for Train Simulator is available in late Network SouthEast livery and reproduces the three-car DMU as it operated for Network SouthEast following inception in 1993 and before refurbishment in 2000. Also included is an InterCity Swallow liveried High Speed Train.


    • BR Class 159 in Network SouthEast (late) livery
    • High Speed Train in InterCity Swallow livery
    • Quick Drive compatible
    • 3 scenarios for The Riviera Line: Exeter-Paignton route, also available on Steam


    Network SouthEast Class 159 DMU Manual

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