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    With their distinctive shape, effortless performance and striking liveries, the Voyager 220 and Tilting Super Voyager 221 passenger trains have been criss-crossing the UK for over a decade.

    Now updated (July 2019) by Rob Skipworth, Voyager Advanced 2019 has updated external textures and upscaled cab interior textures. The current style of body air dams and side skirts have been added, along with improved braking performance and a notched power and brake controller. Two new liveries are included: Virgin Trains 'Flowing Silk' (221101 '101 Squadron') and the mid-2000s Virgin Trains Red with CrossCountry logo. As an added bonus, there is a new scenario for the North Wales Coastal: Crewe-Llandudno Route Add-On with Train Simulator: North Wales Costal Route Extension Add-On. (Note: No routes are included with Voyager Advanced 2019 and some may need to be owned or purchased to run all the included scenarios.)

    These two reliable DEMUs (Diesel Electric Multiple Units) now arrive on Train Simulator in the new Just Trains 'Advanced' specification. Extensive use of Just Trains' ActivScript technology bring you a high degree of realism and exclusive features to improve the realism of your driving experience.

    Both the Voyager 220 and Tilting Super Voyager 221 are included, each in five liveries, and the Super Voyager 221 features switchable tilting round high-speed curves! Drive both units in twelve challenging scenarios that employ our new ActivWorld scenario coding for a superior driving experience - be prepared for the unexpected!

    Voyager Advanced is the third release in our Advanced range, bringing you advanced operating controls, realistic systems and authentic sounds. These top-quality Advanced renditions of the Voyager 220 and 221 are the ones to drive!


    • Super Voyager 221 tilt operation - visible externally and from the cab, based on track curvature and speed
    • Bump mapping - gives greater detail on the models
    • Cab sway movement - see the movement as you start, stop, corner, accelerate and decelerate
    • Windscreen Wipers clear rain from driver's front windows
    • ActivClag - dynamic exhaust output. See the diesel smoke density vary under load and light grey oil smoke emitted from the exhaust on engine start
    • Animated passenger doors complete with external door interlock light and opening/closing sounds with warning beeper
    • Passenger windows rain effect - see the rain on the windows in Passenger view
    • Detailed passenger cabin view - with Train Simulator lighting for that 'being there' feeling
    • Acceleration and braking physics based on real timings
    • Quick Drive capability



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