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    The Class 455 EMU is typical of the new generation of multiple units introduced in the 1980s to replace aging and out-dated ‘heritage’ units. Designed for use on Southern branch-line and suburban services with numerous stops and little need for high top speeds, the Class 455 runs in 4-car formations up to a maximum speed of 75mph, and remains a familiar sight around South London and all along the Southern network. A total of 137 Class 455 sets were produced, and with regular refurbishments taking place the type is still playing its part to keep Southern England moving.

    The Class 455 , developed by Thomson Interactive, includes 3 liveries, accurately reproduced drivers cab and controls including functional DRA (Drivers Reminder Appliance), independent wiper selection, functional glare screen visor and opening cab windows (animated in-cab and external view), and all-new sounds recorded from a real Class 455.


    • Class 455 4-car train (DTSO/MSO/TSO vehicles)
    • British Rail Blue & Grey
    • Network Southeast
    • South West Trains
    • 4 scenarios for Portsmouth Direct Line route, also available on Steam


    Class 455 EMU Manual

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