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    The heavy freight second generation Class 56 diesel locomotive comes to Train Simulator in BR Sectors livery.

    Built for British Rail between 1976 and 1984, the first batch of 30 locomotives were built by Electroputere in Romania as a replacement to ageing fleets of first generation locomotives such as the Class 37 and Class 47. A further 105 locomotives were subsequently built by BREL at Doncaster and Crewe Works, bringing the total fleet of Class 56s to enter service to 135.

    Its bodyshell design was based on the Class 47 and the Class were the first BR diesel type to be built with air train brakes only. Its 3,250 horsepower output enabled a top speed of 80mph (129 km/h), and the ‘Grids’ plied its trade across the British railway network at the head of heavy freight services.

    Following privatisation of the rail network in 1996, many models passed to private owners. However, maintenance needs were high by modern standards, and notwithstanding significant investment by private operators, the class could not compete with more modern Class 66 in terms of availability or maintenance costs.

    Most locomotives were withdrawn by EWS on 31 March 2004, although some were reinstated for use on construction trains connected with the LGV East in France; others were put into service for private operators such as Fastline and Colas Rail, and remain in service today.

    The BR Sectors Class 56 for Train Simulator is a former Iron Horse House model, which has been updated to Train Simulator standard, including new scenarios and improved exterior modelling. Features include cab and instrument lighting, two-tone horn, driver vigilance device, engine shut down/start up procedure and slow speed control.


    • Class 56 in BR Sectors livery
    • Engine start up and shut down procedure
    • Two-tone horn
    • Driver vigilance device
    • Slow speed control
    • Cab and instrument lighting
    • HAA hoppers
    • Quick Drive compatible
    • 4 scenarios for the West Coast Main Line North route, also available on Steam


    Class 56 Manual

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