Class 58 EWS Livery

  • 58EWS2
  • 58EWS1
  • 58EWS5
  • 58EWS4
  • 58EWS3

The EWS Class 58 Livery Pack requires the BR Class 58 add-on to be installed, this is also available on Steam.

This pack contains three variants of the EWS Class 58 livery as carried by Class 58 locos under ownership of the English, Welsh & Scottish (EWS) company following privatisation of the BR network in the late 1990s. This pack is an ideal upgrade to the original BR Class 58 add-on for those who wish to run the Class 58 in the post-privatisation era.

Included liveries:

  • EW&S
  • EW&S with high stripe
  • EWS