BR Class 76 & 77 Loco Add-On

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    The Class 77 and 76 Add-On puts some high-voltage haulage on the Woodhead Line ! Created as an add-on for the Woodhead Line Expansion Pack, the Class 77 and 76 Add-On includes both of these wonderful early electric locomotives with accurate liveries spanning the Woodhead electric era.

    The Class 77 (originally named the EM2) electric locomotive was built in Manchester between 1953 and 1954, primarily designed for express passenger services between Manchester Piccadilly and Sheffield Victoria on the Woodhead Line. The class 77 was closely based on the Class 76, though with two extra axles and uncoupled bogies to give a smoother ride. Each of its six axles was driven by a 460-horsepower traction motor, and the class 77 also benefited from steam heating equipment for passenger trains. The Class 76 was essentially similar, though with only four axles and slightly different controls. The Class 76 ran until the closure of the Woodhead Line in 1981, while the Class 77s were sold to Netherlands State Railways and continued in service.


    • Class 77 Co-Co electric locomotive in BR Black, BR Green and BR AC Electric Blue
    • Class 76 Bo-Bo electric locomotive in BR Green
    • Both locomotives have accurate in-cab controls including switchable traction modes and regenerative braking systems, as well as sun blinds and in-cab lighting.
    • 5 scenarios for the Woodhead Line route, also available on Steam


    Class 76 & 77 Pack Manual

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