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    The SD40-2W Wide Nose is a great add-on for Train Simulator players looking to expand their diesel fleet north of the border!

    The EMD SD40-2W is a Canadian-market version of the SD40-2 diesel-electric locomotive, built for the Canadian National Railway by the Diesel Division of General Motors of Canada Ltd. (formerly General Motors Diesel) of London, Ontario. A total of 123 were constructed between May 1975 and December 1980. The major difference between the SD40-2W and a regular SD40-2 is the fitment of a wide-nose Canadian ‘comfort cab’, denoted by the 'W' in the model name.

    The Canadian comfort cab or wide cab is a broad-nosed cab design found on several diesel locomotive types. It occupies the entire width of the locomotive, and typically has an access door on the front. Otherwise, the locomotive is similar to other types of SD40-2. The Wide Nose for Train Simulator allows you to run authentic-looking Canadian freight trains and comes complete with freight cars.


    • SD40-2W Wide Nose in Canadian National livery
    • 89Ft Flatcar
    • 4 Chute Covered Hopper
    • Centre Beam Flatcar



    CN SD40-2 Wide Nose Manual

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    EMD SD40-2 - History

    Do you have an interest in the history of the EMD SD40-2 locomotive? Our friends over at American Rails have an excellent site documenting the history of this and many other North American locomotives. Click here to take a look.

    Image by Franklin Campbell and used under Creative Commons license.

    Image showing a CN liveried EMD SD40-2 locomotive