Cotswolds and Malverns Line

Image showing the cover of the Cotswolds and Malverns Line driver's eye view film

The Cotswolds and Malverns line is 86¼ miles long and takes us through the heart of the English countryside, recognised as an area of outstanding natural beauty. We travel in the cab of a First Great Western High Speed Train (HST). Our journey begins at Oxford, the gateway to the Cotswolds. Much of the route is of single track but some sections have recently been reinstated allowing line speeds of up to 100mph.

Much of the route is still worked on the block signalling principle and controlled by semaphores. As well as following our HST from the cab and trackside, we see the magnificent scenery from the air. This Driver's eye view was filmed almost in real time and mostly in the mid-summer sunshine of 2013.

Running Time:  108 Minutes


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