ChrisTrains NS 6400 Locomotive

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    A reproduction of the Class 6400 locomotive that can still be seen on Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch national railways) network.


    • Comes in nine colour schemes.
    • An additional 5 'look-alike' skins for ACTS, Husa and Strukton. The 'look-alike' colour schemes are technically for a MaK 1206 locomotive. There are some big differences between the 6400 and the MaK 1206, but they look similar enough that these skins are a good substitute for a full custom 1206 locomotive.
    • Cab with two working driver positions (front and rear).
    • Independent wiper controls for front and rear.
    • Flashing yard lights.
    • Parking / hand brake.
    • Uses smart scripting for cab lighting, custom controls and other functions.
    • Dynamic autonumbering with names (each of the 6400 locomotives had a name as well as a number)
    • Can be used in your own scenarios.



    Clickable image taking you to the Train Simulator DLC directory at DPSimulation