Chris Trains NS Traxx 186 + ICRmh wagons

  • 1864
  • 1866
  • 1865
  • 1867
  • 1862
  • 1863
  • 1861

    A reproduction of the Bombardier F140MS2 Traxx 186 with ICRmh Intercity passenger wagons that can be seen all over the Netherlands.


    • Engine and wagons.
    • 3 versions of the engine - NS, NS Lease (grey), NMBS (Belgium)
    • 6 passenger wagons in IC-Direct, IC-Brussels and Intercity versions - Apmz10, Bpmz10, Bpmez10, Bpmdz9, Bpmdez8, Bpmbdzf7
    • 9 consists : IC Direct (16100, 16200, 16400), IC Den Haag-Eindhoven (16500), IC Brussels (16200-B, 16200-NL, 16400-B, 16400-NL), NS Lease
    • ATB-EG (train protection system) emulation.
    • ETCS (the train protection component of the European Railway Traffic Management System ERTMS) emulation with shunting (SH), staff responsible (SR), full supervision (FS) and override modes.
    • Player-selectable voltages (supported countries: NL 1.5kV, NL 25kV, B 3kV, B 25kV, A 15kV, D 15kV
    • AFB emulation (similar to an advanced cruise control system)
    • Detailed cabview with a variation for the NMBS version.
    • Second class passenger view.
    • Dynamic autonumbering
    • Comes with ETCS track balise objects that can be used in scenarios to force the safety system to change modes (eg from ATB to ETCS)
    • Can be used in your own scenarios, and is available in QuickDrive.



    Clickable image taking you to the Train Simulator DLC directory at DPSimulation