ChrisTrains Stadler GTW


    A reproduction of the Stadler GTW passenger train that can be seen all over Europe.


    • Diesel and electric versions.
    • 2/6 and 2/8 (2-wagon and 3-wagon) versions.
    • 11 regions, 18 consists - Arriva Achterhoek, Arriva Nevenlijn, Arriva Merwedelingelijn, Arriva Vechtdallijn, Connexxion Breng, Valleilijn, Veolia Maaslijn, Veolia Heuvellandlijn, ODEG in Germany, SBB Thurbo in Switzerland and Capital Metro in Texas.
    • ATB-NG (train protection system) emulation in the diesel version.
    • ATB-EG (train protection system) emulation in the electric version.
    • PZB90 (train protection system) emulation in the German ODEG and Swiss Thurbo versions.
    • Detailed cabview.
    • Second class passenger view with working passenger information display (destination).
    • Uses smart scripting for cab lighting, custom controls, destination boards and more.
    • Dynamic autonumbering
    • Comes with a tutorial / training scenario set in the TS Academy.
    • Can be used in your own scenarios, and is available in QuickDrive.



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