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    Electro-Motive Division’s powerful SD50 comes to Train Simulator from Digital Train Model.

    The SD50 from General Motors Electro-Motive Division was produced to counter increasingly tough competition from GE Transportation Systems’ Dash 7 line, which was proving to be successful with US railroads. Whilst EMD’s SD40-2 was more reliable, GE’s line included locomotives up to 3,600hp (2,685kW) with more modern technology.

    EMD’s had already established a track record for producing 3,600hp locomotives, with the SD45 and SD45-2; however, demand for these gas guzzlers dropped sharply after the 1970s fuel crises. The SD50 was heavily updated, with a new V16 engine uprated with more horsepower. Unfortunately, this proved to be an unsuccessful move as the 50 series models were plagued by engine and electrical system problems.

    The SD50’s long hood saw changes from previous EMD models; the overall frame length was increased, and the long hood was made substantially longer. Resistors for the dynamic brake grid were also moved to a new, cooler location in front of the engine compartment air intakes, thereby simplifying the prime mover maintenance procedures, and the electrical system as well.

    The EMD SD50 for Train Simulator, developed by Digital Train Model, is available in Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad livery and features engine start/stop, dynamic brakes, front and rear headlights, numberboard lights, class lights and step lights.

    The locomotive is also Quick Drive compatible, giving you the freedom to drive the D&RGW SD50 on any Quick Drive enabled route for Train Simulator, such as those available through Steam.


    • EMD SD50 in Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad livery
    • Engine start/stop
    • Dynamic brakes
    • Front and rear headlights
    • Numberboard lights
    • Class lights
    • Step lights
    • Quick Drive compatible
    • 4 scenarios for the Soldier Summit route, also available on Steam


    D&RGW SD50 Manual

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    EMD SD50 - History

    Do you have an interest in the history of the EMD SD50 locomotive? Our friends over at American Rails have an excellent site documenting the history of this and many other North American locomotives. Click here to take a look.

    Image by Emmett Tullos and used under Creative Commons license.

    Image showing Conrail liveried EMD SD50 locomotive