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    eSail Sailing Simulator Trailer

    eSail Sailing Simulator Gameplay

    With eSail you learn how to raise the mainsail, tack, gybe, reef the sails, moor and anchor the boat. It’s not just a sailing game, it’s a fully featured sailing simulation that should leave you with some understanding of how to pilot a real yacht once you master it.

    Once you have learnt the ropes you set out into the open waters surrounding the Shearwater Islands and seek out features such as the wreck of the Princess Zara and the Temple of False Hope. You can also take on challenges, such as sailing races, treasure hunts, passage planning and collision avoidance in obstacle courses.


    • Live Sailing mode with continually changing weather and sea conditions.
    • 'Learn Yachting with eSail' - a comprehensive training course with 17 learning modules.
    • 15 challenges including Know Your Boat, Bear Island Race, Little Venice Treasure Hunt (sail through canals), collision avoidance and passage planning exercises.
    • Charting module which enables a course to be plotted using dividers and other charting tools.
    • Night Sailing - using the chart and the lights from buoys and lighthouses to navigate.


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