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    Once one of the most common sights on the British railway network, the Class 08 diesel shunter is now available for Train Simulator in the modern EWS and Freightliner liveries.

    The Class 08 was the ‘go to’ locomotive for general purpose duties, with almost any shunting required in yards and at stations carried out by a ‘Gronk’. Over a ten year period from 1952, almost 1,000 models were built at British Railways’ Derby, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster and Horwich Works, making it the most numerous of all BR classes.

    The Class 08 was based on the LMS 12033 series, later classified by TOPS as the Class 11, and is fitted with a English Electric six cylinder, four-stroke 6KT engine and low gearing for a top speed of 15mph. Models with higher gearing were classified as Class 09s.

    With the privatisation of the British railway system and the introduction of multiple units and fixed rakes of wagons and coaches, the Class 08 soon became obsolete and many were withdrawn from service. However, around 100 locomotives remain in service for the likes of EWS/DB Schenker, First Great Western, Freightliner and Virgin Trains, and more than 60 examples are preserved on Britain’s heritage railways.

    The Class 08 for Train Simulator is available in EWS maroon/gold livery and Freightliner’s famous green livery, and features TSX effects, new locomotive physics, detailed cab interior and accurate driving controls, plus MEA and MFA wagons.


    • Class 08 in EWS and Freightliner liveries
    • TSX effects and new locomotive physics
    • Detailed cab interior
    • MEA and MFA wagons
    • Quick Drive compatible
    • 5 scenarios for the Edinburgh-Glasgow route, also available on Steam


    Class 08 'EWS & Freightliner' Manual

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