Feather River Canyon Scenario Pack 02

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The Western Pacific was one of America’s great railroads, famous for its scenic and rugged path through California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains via the majestic Feather River Canyon. Now you can experience even more authentic and challenging Western Pacific railroading in the Feather River Canyon with High Iron Simulations’ Feather River Canyon Scenario Pack 02!

Featuring ten career scenarios based upon actual Western Pacific operations, Feather River Canyon Scenario Pack 02 takes you back to the late 1960s and early 1970s and puts you at the throttle for Western Pacific passenger, main line freight, local freight, and yard operations across the full length of Train Simulator’s popular Feather River Canyon route.

You’ll go to work as the engineer of the famed California Zephyr with elegant Electro-Motive FP7s as power; you’ll handle freight and local duties aboard Western Pacific’s General Electric U30Bs, EMD GP35s, and veteran EMD F7s, and you’ll handle challenging switching tasks using Western Pacific’s distinctive dual-control-equipped EMD GP20s!

Developed by noted scenario author Gary Dolzall, Feather River Canyon Scenario Pack 02 will take you to Oroville, Keddie, Quincy Junction, and along the Western Pacific’s High Line to experience Feather River Canyon railroading at its dramatic best.

Experience the challenges and grandeur of classic Western Pacific railroading – in Feather River Canyon Scenario Pack 02!

In order to play all of the scenarios included in this scenario pack, the following add-ons are required: