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Beechcraft® F33A Bonanza®


    Developed by Carenado, the FSX: Steam Edition rendition of the Beechcraft® F33A Bonanza®, is a highly detailed and accurate aircraft. This aircraft boasts superb external textures, accurately detailed animations, great lighting effects, custom panels and gauges, excellent flight characteristics and modelling of the very smallest details. The Bonanza is supplied in six liveries with helpful checklist and reference PDFs, and accurate flight dynamics.


    • 6 unique liveries.
    • External dynamic shadows, internal dynamic shadows, volumetric normal mapping, specular mapping and bloom lights.
    • Polygon optimized model.
    • Includes wheel chokes, bags, pitot cover, and sights prop.
    • Autopilot installed.
    • Pop up F33 Bonanza manual with performance charts and normal & emergency procedures and check list.
    • Interactive virtual cockpit.
    • Full moving parts: ailerons, elevators, rudders, flaps, rolling wheels and trim tab.
    • Animated sections including: propeller, doors, windows, sun visor, co-pilot seat, vibrating antenna, cowl flaps, pilot and exhaust pipe.
    • Lights: navigation lights, landing and taxi lights - 3D modelled pilot and cockpit area.
    • This model doesn’t have a 2D panel.
    • Realistic light effects on gauges.
    • Nightlight effects on panel.
    • Separate switches for instruments lights and dome light.
    • Toggle yoke.
    • Accurate weight and balances.
    • PDF documents: Normal and emergency procedures, check list, GNS430 User Guide, AVSS manual and VC diagram.


    Clickable image taking you to the Microsoft Flight Simulator X DLC directory at DPSimulation