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Grumman HU-16B Albatross™ Add-On

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    Guess HU? Virtavia is back with another stunning warbird, the Grumman HU-16B Albatross for FSX: Steam Edition

    Serving mainly as a search and rescue aircraft with the US Air Force, the Albatross is an amphibious flying boat, first flown in 1949. Numerous alterations and improvements were made to the aircraft over its career, including a 16-foot wing extension as seen in the ‘B’ variant recreated for FSX: Steam Edition. A total of 466 aircraft in the HU-16 series were built by Grumman.

    The FSX: Steam Edition version of this bird comes with seven models (including three civilian variants) with 12 unique high-definition texture sets, including custom specular maps and bump mapping. Take this one out near a sea or ocean and test your water landing abilities!

    Please note: 2D panel is not included, period radios are used as shift-2 popups.


    • Authentic virtual cockpit with animations and clickable controls
    • Realistic virtual cockpit night lighting, separate illumination for cockpit flood and instrument faces
    • High quality sound set by TSS
    • Realistic crew figures
    • Opening cockpit and cabin hatches
    • Animated cowl flaps and prop pitch
    • Authentic flight dynamics, water landings possible
    • REALGAUGE technology


    Clickable image taking you to the Microsoft Flight Simulator X DLC directory at DPSimulation