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Lukla Airport (VNLK) Add-On

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    Tenzing-Hillary Airport (better known as Lukla Airport), the gateway to Mount Everest, comes to life in this stunning airport and scenery pack from Aerosoft. Lukla is known as being the first port of call for those attempting to scale this massive mountain.

    During the autumn climbing season, aircraft (mostly Twin Otters), only have fifteen minutes to land and take off again as there are only four parking spaces, making it one of the busiest airports in the world. It is also the highest airport with scheduled airline flights in the world.

    Flying into Lukla is dangerous and complex, even in perfect weather providing a challenge for even the most seasoned pilots. Pilots soon learn that anything you do at this altitude needs to be planned and considered. Landing on the uphill runway means you have to flare in a completely different way. Taking off from the very short runway may only be possible because the runway ends with a 3000 foot drop into the valley below, complete with waterfalls. Even taxiing is a complex process due to steep taxiways!

    Take your FSX: Steam Edition skills to new heights with Lukla X!


    • Tenzing-Hillary Airport complete with its short, sloping, runway at 9000+ feet.
    • High definition mesh for the entire area
    • Based on commercially available satellite images with incredible texture detail
    • Nearly all villages in the area (including a detailed version of Lukla Village) at their exact location with every single house based on official Nepalese maps (not standard autogen)
    • High resolution mesh terrain and texture resolution of Mt. Everest Mountain
    • Mount Everest base camp (helicopter destination) and other camps higher on the mountain
    • Two additional landing strips; Phaplu and Syngboche (at 12286ft!)
    • Some of the villages have typical Nepalese stupas (shrines) and the famous Tengboche Monastery at the Everest trekking route is included
    • Two FSX missions with voice overs
    • Manually placed land classes, rivers and lakes.
    • Extensive English manual, complete with chapters on high altitude operations


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