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McDonnell Douglas DC-8™ Series 10 - 40 Add-On

  • DC82
  • DC84
  • DC81
  • DC85
  • DC83
  • DC86

    The McDonnell Douglas DC-8™ Series 10 - 40 was one of the first commercial jet airliners to ever enter service. The four-engine narrow-body airliner featured advanced aerodynamic and structural designs resulting in a very reliable, comfortable, and efficient aircraft.

    The Just Flight DC-8™ Series 10 - 40 for FSX: Steam Edition is built from accurate factory-standard plans and all feature the characteristic ‘double bubble’ fuselage, nose ‘nostrils’, and multi-pane cockpit glazing that make this aircraft so distinctive.

    Many unique animations are also built into each model including: retractable landing lights, opening pressure valve gate in the tail, rams and operating levers for the spoilers and flaps and, of course, the trim-adjustable flying horizontal/elevator tail assembly.


    • Includes 6 different aircraft variant:, -10, -11, -21, -33, -41, and -43
    • Includes 19 liveries with Air France and factory DC-8 scheme.
    • Highly functional virtual cockpit with virtually all of the hundreds of switches, knobs and levers animated and functional. Many gauges are modelled in 3D for smooth operation.
    • Engineer and Navigator panels are included. The engineer's panel features functioning engine, hydraulic, electrical and fuel systems.
    • Full cockpit lighting with atmospheric instrument backlighting.
    • Avionics include full autopilot functionality from the operating period with NAV and ILS approaches, VOR and ADF receivers and displays, transponders, and a full communications suite.
    • Many features have been added to help with ‘usability’ including switches to hide the control yokes and co-pilot seat for a better view of the instruments, and pre-set angled views for the overhead panel, throttle quadrant and radios.
    • Numerous warning annunciators will illuminate on fault detection and a fully functional engine fire warning and protection/extinguishing system are built into the cockpit. If you get an engine fire warning, pull the fire handle and the fire will be extinguished.
    • Electrics have been authentically modelled to enable correct engine starts with ignition lock-out and over-ride functions for each engine starter.
    • Special programming has been used to re-create the complex fuel storage and delivery systems for each engine.
    • Specular map to give realistic light effects on the aircraft surfaces.
    • Bump mapping to give a more realistic 3D effect to aircraft liveries.
    • Realistic wing flex on all variants.
    • Custom coding ensures that the systems are faithfully reproduced in this simulation, including unique features such as spoiler ‘lock-out’ when gear is retracted.
    • Animated main-gear bogies which will rotate to reduce stress on the tyres and wheels in tight turns.
    • Special slats in the leading edges of the wings open ahead of the main flaps and the full slotted-flap system is faithfully reproduced in these models.
    • Numerous authentic animations are included such as retractable landing lights, opening pressure valve gate in the tail, rams and operating levers for spoilers, trim-adjustable flying horizontal/elevator tail assembly.
    • The landing gear is modelled and animated with all the correct struts and springs and even detailed brake lines and wheel cylinders.
    • Flight files for the project developed by real world DC-8 engineer and tested by DC-8 pilots
    • Special effects have been created to reproduce the incredible smoke trails the early DC-8 jets produced – and the correct reverse thrust smoke has also been modelled.
    • Professionally produced stereo sound set for all variants authentically matched to the different engine types.
    • A comprehensive cockpit guide and flight tutorial is provided in illustrated PDF format.


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