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Night Environment: France Add-On


    Night Environment completely revolutionizes night flying in the FSX: Steam Edition world. Using a series of databases, Night Environment adds brilliant, realistic lighting to your simulator. Hundreds of thousands of lights clearly show how highways connect to cities and how smaller roads meander through neighborhoods. Visual navigation at night becomes a real treat – it’s even easier than flying VFR during daytime, as it often is in the real world.

    The Night Environment database contains many more real-life roads than default FSX: Steam Edition, illuminating roads which are not visible during the daytime. All lights are visible for up to 60 miles, creating an authentic and dazzling flying experience featuring 3D effects.

    Night Environment also comes with a configuration tool so you can adjust night lighting brightness, glow and color hues.


    • Full coverage of France
    • All major roads and most minor roads lit
    • Includes separate customization options for Paris.
    • Compatible with all 3rd party scenery products (including FTX and all photo scenery)
    • Configurable for hardware performance
    • Management tool, accessible via the Steam Tools menu, which allows you to toggle and adjust the output of all types of lights


    Clickable image taking you to the Microsoft Flight Simulator X DLC directory at DPSimulation