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RAAS Professional Add-On

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    RAAS Professional (Runway Awareness and Advisory System), from FS2Crew, models the aural 'smart landing' and 'smart runway' calls included in the real-world RAAS unit.

    These calls offer improved situational awareness for pilots in an effort to help reduce the risk of runway incursions and accidents by providing aural alerts during taxi, take-off, final approach and landing/roll-out operations.

    User options give control over RAAS and allow for complete customization to match specific needs.

    The software is professional grade, highly configurable, and is ideal for power users who want to model airline-specific options and who want maximum control over how RAAS functions in FSX: Steam Edition.

    Full Aurals Modelled

    • Approaching runway
    • On runway
    • Taxiway take-off warning
    • Insufficient runway
    • Extended holding on runway
    • Approaching short runway
    • Taxiway landing
    • Takeoff flap monitor
    • Landing distance remaining
    • Distance remaining (RTO)
    • Landing flap monitor
    • Excessive approach speed
    • Excessive approach angle
    • Unstable approach
    • Altimeter setting
    • Long landing


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