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Rockwell B-1B Lancer™ Add-On


    The Rockwell B-1B Lancer™, affectionately known as the "Bone" to its crews, is a key element of the American Strategic Long Range bomber fleet. The aircraft, while not technically stealth-capable, is designed to present only a fraction of the radar profile of earlier large bomber types and incorporates extremely advanced navigation, weapons, and avionics systems. Its swing wing technology, combined with four 30,000-lb thrust turbofan engines, creates a beautiful, fast, and instantly recognisable package. The development of this successor to the B-52™ began in the early 1960's and resulted in a contract being awarded to Rockwell in 1970. The B-1A™ first flew in 1974 but only 3 prototypes were built. 1981 saw an order placed for a fleet of 100 B-1Bs™, the last of which were delivered in the early 1990's.


    • Native FSX model with all FSX features
    • Authentic virtual cockpit with animations and mousable controls
    • Many custom interior and exterior animations including automatic wing sweep on load-up
    • Opening bomb bays with various era-specific payloads
    • Animated afterburner cans with realistic flame effects
    • Night lighting textures and effects inside and out
    • High-fidelity sounds set from Turbine Sound Studios
    • custom afterburner rumble sound
    • Many simulated cockpit systems, including the VSD
    • Researched and authentic flight dynamics
    • 37-page PDF illustrated user manual in .pdf format


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