The Game of Gnomes

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    The naughty group of garden gnomes,
    Have taken presents from people’s homes,
    Hidden around the garden high and low,
    Will you be able to find them with all that snow?

    Drive the miniature train called Little Ned,
    Around in the darkness after everyone’s in bed,
    And gather up all the gifts and toys,
    So that Christmas morning can be filled with joy.

    Winter is here and Christmas is coming!

    However, the naughty gnomes from the garden have made off with the children’s presents and hidden them in the snow.

    As driver of ‘Little Ned’, the Richie Rails garden scale train, it’s up to you to gather all the lost toys before the Children awake on Christmas Day.

    Chase the gnomes, collect the presents and return them to the house – but watch out for snowballs and those mischievous gnomes! If all goes to plan, ‘Little Ned’ will be back running around the Christmas tree and no-one will have to know about the night-time adventures……


    The Game of Gnomes Manual

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