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    In 1999, after acquisition by FirstGroup, Great Western Trains applied a revised livery to their existing stock without the need for repainting! This involved the use of vinyl decals applied to the lower sides of the HSTs. The existing green and ivory colouring remained but the decal featured a central gold stripe and a series of parallel green lines which had the appearance of fading the ivory into the green. This early green and gold livery was referred to as the “fag packet” (British slang for cigarette packet) livery due to its similarity to certain cigarette packets of the time, and this is the version recreated in this add-on. The “Night Riviera”, a sleeper service from Paddington to Penzance, retained the green and gold livery until 2007.


    • Class 43 HST in FGW Green & Gold livery
    • 4 scenarios for the Great Western Main Line route, also available on Steam



    Green & Gold HST Manual

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