HXD3D Electric Locomotive Add-On

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    Pick up the China Railways HXD3D, a six-axle AC electric locomotive produced by the Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Company, and speed down the Main Line! It is one of the highest powered (7,200kW) Chinese locomotives, with a design speed of 200 km/h. In normal service, however, its speed is 160 km/h.

    Test yourself with a dedicated high power, high speed locomotive and take part in the history of Chinese Railways in a locomotive designed to ease the pressure in a railway system where less powerful locomotives are quickly falling behind.


    • HXD3D locomotive in two liveries: Mass-produced and Experimental Livery
    • RW25T passenger coach with detailed passenger view in two liveries: standard blue/white and newly repainted yellow/green
    • Highly detailed models and textures
    • Authentic custom sounds
    • Multi-camera views
    • New Chinese driver figure in cab displays a gesture when sounding the horn (driver must be wearing his cap to drive, otherwise the locomotive speed is limited!)
    • Fridge in the cab with opening door
    • Animated cab doors, windows, air conditioning, driving mirrors and more
    • Separate wiper controls with adjustable speed
    • Windscreen washer water effect
    • Fully working light controls and effects
    • Pantograph spark
    • Raindrop effects on windows
    • Realistic start-up procedure including computer booting
    • LKJ-2000 loco status display and cab signalling system
    • DSD (Drivers Safety Device) and speed monitoring
    • Cruise control
    • Manual split-phase control
    • Custom numbering available.
    • Changing day/night lighting effects in the cabin of the RW25T coaches
    • Includes drivable SS3 electric locomotive with cab (and a microwave!)
    • Quick Drive compatible


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